Gadget: M136 Missile Launcher: 18,600 experience points.

battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating ps3-36

But before the commandos could escape the island, Japan activated Aurora and killed everyone.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 takes place in the present day after the events in Battlefield: Bad Company.

Additional points are gained, if the player interacts with one of his current squad-mates.

With these experience points, the player levels both up his class to unlock new stuff as well as his overall rank.

Each class gets access to new weapons and equipment by leveling up.

The players get experience points for killing people, capturing flags, fulfilling objectives and earning achievements like killing 7 enemies in one round with a light machine gun. I only got a US beta code - hopefully the US client will be available for download, when I wake up tomorrow. Gadget: M2CG Missile Launcher: 8,700 experience points.Swedish- designed 84mm man-portable recoilless rifle. Ideal for bunker busting and anti-personnel applications, the M2CG is less suited against armor where other, more modern weapon systems excel.It also is tracer dart ready for increased first hit accuracy.Each time this is done you will get 80 experience points but also lose 15 experience points for killing a teammate.