To calibrate your battery, there are many ways of doing it, if you follow the book, but the most easiest and convenient one I did/used was, used the laptop continuously until I have drained out the battery to its maximum capacity, whereby you start receiving warnings at levels ‘10%’, ‘5%’, ‘2%’ and ‘Create a new Power-plan’ called ‘Calibrate Battery’ Go to Advanced Settings of this power plan Change Hibernate to Do Nothing.

Let the system crash and yes it does crash so keep in mind not to do anything intensive and start saving and closing your apps when the Battery Level reaches 5% or less, wait for it to go down completely, until the Orange/Red Blinking Light starts, you will also see the White Light lit up next to your webcam when the system goes down and crash, after this keep the laptop lid closed and press the power button to make sure there is no ounce of battery left, and the tablet/laptop does not turn on at all.

Chris Lacy, the developer behind the well-known Action Launcher, has uncovered something in the APK file of the Clock app that comes in Android O: the mentions hours, minutes, and seconds as layers with default values, and the icon has separate images for the background and different elements.

battery icon not updating android-6

The calendar changes its icon for each day showing day of month's number. Samsung's home screen on those same Samsung devices can have special rules for rendering an icon for Samsung's calendar app, rules that involve showing the day of the month. If you install a third-party home screen, it may not do the same thing.

There is also an Alarm clock app which changes its icon setting the current time, in other words, changing every minute. After all, I can write a home screen in an hour or so, and I feel quite confident that I don't have to do anything special for Samsung's calendar app.

Then Press and Hold the Power button until the White Light is lit and the laptop/tablet turns on.

Once on, you will see that the Battery is calibrated and will show accurate results and indeed cure most of the battery problems (not charging, unable to charge, battery stuck).

Keep the laptop left for 5-10 mins after it crashed and the battery’s completely drained, then connect the AC-Power and keep it overnight for 10-12 hours.

2015-01-10 21_30_38-Power The next day, makes sure you see the white charged light meaning its fully charged now.Perhaps I want to offer some way for apps to change their icons on the fly, even though there are no standards for it. Perhaps I do not intend to use icons at all, as my home screen is optimized for the visually impaired, and so it is using text-to-speech and hardware key input.It's my home screen implementation, and I can do what I want.That will happen both when the Clock is placed as a shortcut on the homescreen and when it's inside the app drawer.Resources res = Package Manager() Resources For Application(""); int res Id = Identifier("logo_calendar_01_regular", "drawable" , ""); Drawable icon = Drawable(res Id); This would access the calendar icon for Day 1 of the month.One little I did notice was the Battery Wear, which was ‘14%’ is now showing ‘0.0%’ after doing this little practice above where I kept it for overnight, much more on this in Point 4.