reality series WAGS, in which she stars alongside a handful of other wives and girlfriends of major sports stars (Blank is married to former NHL player Sheldon Souray). I was wrestling with two broken ribs, and I performed night after night with those ribs broken and just had to let them heal on their own while I was still wrestling and taking no time off. You have nine different personalities all trying to get along at one time, which is never going to turn out well.

Do you have interest in starring in movies or TV shows? I switch up the cardio, so I’ll run one day, I’ll do the elliptical one day, and I’ll do the stairmaster another for at least 30 minutes.

That will be after I do an hour of a workout session with my trainer, which consists of our circuit training. You can follow Barbie on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE. They talk about Barbie and Sheldon’s upcoming wedding.

Speaking of nicknames, you were known as Kelly Kelly in the WWE. You guys will get to see him; you’ll see her planning; you’ll get to see us.

We’ll be a part of her bridal shower/bachelorette party.

You’ll get to see me going through work and then figuring out what I want to do next in my life- whether it be having a baby or focusing on myself and my job. Do you ever feel like being on a reality show is an intrusion of sorts, or are you able to keep it separate from your personal life?

I’m kind of at a crossroads, so you’re going to see the different stages all of the girls are at. When you sign up for a reality show, you know what you’re signing up for.

Barbie wants to invite Natalie and Olivia as well as Sophia who is Olivia’s sister. Barbie, Natalie, Nicole, Olivia and Sophia are on their way to the bachelorette weekend.

They speak about Sasha not being invited at Barbie and Sheldon’s wedding. reality show “WAGS” Barbie Blank-Souray joined “Multi-time Award Winning” the Rack Thursday Night.

All the girls know that this is what we agreed to at the end of the day. I try to stay very neutral, and I try to see each side of every story of every part of drama.

How well do you get along with the other girls on the show? I listen to each each of the girls’ sides and try and see if we can find a happy medium.

You’re just gonna have to wait and see on the juicy gossip.