Up until 2011, everyone thought the actor had just four children, well everyone except the actor himself and the mother of his illegitimate child.

Joseph Baena was only recently recognized as one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children.

He’s a bit on the chunky side compared to the rest of his siblings, but the young Schwarzenegger looks good to us either way.

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He’s also a model, who is testing the waters with acting.

He is just 22, so we are bracing ourselves for the impact he will make.

Born September 18, 1993, we can already see ‘Jack of all trades’ stamped across his resume.

Currently he owns a clothing line that his parents helped him start up when he was 15.

Her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was a sister of John F. Sources told Page Six, ‘After years of playing the betrayed wife, Shriver, 60, recently trotted out her longtime lover, Matthew Dowd, 54, as if he were a new fling’.

If it’s true, that ‘public sex scandal’ came right on cue.

Don’t Miss: Lebron James height, Beyonce height, Selena Gomez feet, Shaquille O’Neal, Kim Kardashian age, Kendall Jenner height, How tall is Danny Devitos More recently in 2014, she published another one titled, ‘I Just Graduated … The star’s second daughter is currently pursuing her education at Georgetown University.

His name is Patrick Schwarzenegger and he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son who is subtly following in his father’s footsteps.

it was directed by his buddy, Ben Hess, who is aspiring to make it in the field.

So far, so good Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children are a good bunch, and they will undoubtedly always be watched under the lens of the media.

Arnold is particularly proud of his son, Joseph Baena, who is a straight ‘A’ student.