Hence this dating method measures when a sample was buried.The counting of tree rings provides an accurate measurement of the age of a piece of wood, as well as estimates of historical rainfall based on the size of each ring.

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In some cases, dating is complicated either because we don't have accurate ways of dating rulers and events (battles, etc) referenced, or because it is ambiguous as to precisely which event or ruler they refer.

When dating samples left by human beings, it is still common to judge the historical period by analysing features including the shape, design, composition, and abundance of objects such as potsherds, arrowheads, and other tools and weapons.

Hence you can tell which is older and which is newer by simple comparison, and if you can date a specific sample in the stack, you can get a limit for other samples above and below.

The operation of stratigraphy, particularly in geology, relies on the application of a few simple laws, but there are pitfalls: if the strata have been subsequently disturbed you can get out-of-place artifacts or out-of-place fossils, and there may be a considerable time interval between the formation of an object and its deposition in the strata.

This includes coins and inscriptions which bear a more or less specific date (such as a reference to a specific ruler), the analysis of handwriting (), and the interpretation of texts to see what datable things they mention.

Generally things like coins which may be hoarded for a long time provide a firm limit of the oldest possible dating (equal to the newest date on a coin), but leave open the possibility that a site is newer than expected.

This method only works if you know the precise position where the object was found, and assumes an object hasn't moved since.

a process in which the structure of amino acids shifts and a chiral molecule changes into its mirror-image form.

There are also various methods used to reconcile the growth rates of different patches of lichen on the same rock or rocks, because they don't always grow the same amount.

Sites can be dated according to written evidence found at the site.

It's also important because a huge amount of evidence for the antiquity of the Earth disproves young earth creationism and similar nonsense.