Some of the common forms of a sex addiction include: Sex addiction is similar to other behavioral or process addictions.A person suffering from a behavioral addiction feels compelled to engage in a particular behavior in order to release tension, relieve anxiety or depression, and experience relief or gratification.

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While sharing the details of your addiction is not mandatory for newcomers, it is encouraged.

Those struggling with an addiction to sex will find a community that understands what they are going through.

People attending an open meeting may not have admitted or accepted that their sexual behavior is a problem.

They may also be friends or family members of someone who they suspect has a sex addiction.

There are no fees associated with membership because the organization is self-supporting, relying solely on voluntary member contributions.

The organization and its support groups are not associated or allied with any religious sect, denomination, political group, organization, or institution, and its members do not endorse or oppose any controversies or causes.

Each member’s definition of a higher power may take any form, as long as it is comfortable and meaningful to them.

The first time you attend a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, you are usually given an opportunity to introduce yourself and share your experiences.

What makes Sex Addicts Anonymous different than substance abuse programs (or programs dealing with other addictions such as gambling or internet) is the extremely personal nature of the behaviors associated with this addiction.