The last thing a mother needs is an attitude and disrespect.”  I understand the frustration.

I try to think to myself that they must be having a really bad day to treat people the way they do,” one commenter said.

, a show she also executive produced through her company CASM, alongside Hat Trick Productions.

Paquin plays Robyn, a razor-sharp PR guru who clears up the monumental messes caused by her clients, while her own personal life spins wildly out of control.

Stephen began his career in theatre, working at the National Theatre Wales, the RSC and Oxford Stage Company after graduating from LAMDA.

The heartthrob, who is now based in LA, then transitioned into TV in 1993 before getting film work.

Here's the scoop on the former True Blood star, who has taken the lead role on ITV's Safe House...

But he landed that role a whole 15 years after beginning his on-screen career.

Then he won a role in Lord Of Misrule with Prunella Scales and Emily Mortimer.

His big screen breakthrough was in a very different project - comic book adaptation Prince Valiant in 1997, in which he played the title role, opposite Katherine Heigl.

Then in 2008 HBO spotted him and cast him as American vampire Bill Compton, one of the show's main villains and the love interest of lead female character Sookie Stockhouse.

Since True Blood ended in 2014, he's also appeared in 2015 drama Concussion and British thriller Detour.

The opening episode "sets us up for a lot of ongoing drama", Paquin hints. just how far can Robyn push it, before it all comes crumbling down?