My answer is Will Forte, since he's an out gay man (right? American Museum Of Natural History's 2013 Museum Gala Browse American Museum Of Natural History's 2013 Museum Gala latest photos. At the time I worked at Genre Magazine, and shortly after the above he starred in the movie "Go" with Scott Wolf.) and he's one of the most classically attractive cast members in SNL history. View images and find out more about American Museum Of Natural History's 2013 Museum Gala at Getty Images. The 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Member Will Fit Right In After a dynamite Season 40, Saturday Night Live is back and better than ever. Hader isn't conventionally attractive but he's loads talented and great at impressions, so I've a bit of a schoolboy crush on him Hader isn't handsome at all but he can be surprisingly sexy, especially when he's playing a gay character (Stefon and his character from The Skeleton Twins). Genre did a cover story on the movie and set up an interview with both Wolf and Mohr.The 43-year-old actress introduced some new cast…Of the hundreds of male SNL cast members, very, very few of them have been hot. For a brief period, when he first started on the show, Jimmy Fallon was way hot. Something about his lips, his nose, and the way the light shines off his face. I'd like to get him beers while he watches football, and let him piss in my mouth when he has to go, and call me terrible names. His lips- and something sexy about his glassy, reddened, dark circled eyes. Also, his cocky superior I don't give a fuck attitude is hot. Something's up)The hottest guest host was Tom Brady. I was babysitting my baby nephew (for free - my mother insisted I do it because my sister and her husband were immature drunks who stayed out drinking all weekend). I can't believe you watch it."What a clusterfuck.'Saturday Night Live': All 141 Cast Members Ranked Era: 1977-1980 The mellower half of Franken and Davis — his perpetual college-stoner boyishness was a key part of the early show's identity.

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I have to go with Chevy Chase, even though he is reportedly unbearable dickish in person. Fully prepared for the hate, but I'm going to select Jay Mohr.

Which of the Not-Ready-for-Primetime Players does it for you?

You've got a real middle-range taste in men, R22, pasty, doughy, total Midwestern white bread white guys.

You could go into any Home Depot on a busy weekend and find at least 20 married guys much better looking than those guys.

But some performers take more time than others to actually break out in a sketch — if they get the chance to break out at all.

This year, new SNL addition Jon Ru I have a good relationship with my dad, and since he and Chevy Chase look like they could be related, I have a soft spot for ol' Chevy, no matter what people say about him personally. Of course, Robert Downey, Jr and Anthony Michael Hall were hot on their season.Do yourself a favor and get out of Bumfucke once in a while.What I don't get is the,.largely,.indifference to Adam Samberg. I suspect the dislike is that he is "too ethnic" for most DLers who do clearly prefer the pasty Midwestern type.The boyish types like Andy Samberg do nothing for me. Wit is sexy, and I've never been able to abide humorless men (or stupid ones). Taram is hot depending on the week because of his ridiculous weight fluctuation. A few too many afternoon beers and before you know it, there's a dick in his mouth.Also, his interaction with his brother always remind me of the first 5 minutes of a great gay porno film.'SNL' Newbie Jon Rudnitsky Finally Makes His Mark On The Show With A 'Dirty Dancing' Parody Every year, when Saturday Night Live rejiggers its cast, all eyes are on the new talent.I would have loved to have met Dan Ackroyd in the "Trading Places" days. Big thanks to host Tina Fey for forcing Beck Bennett to do a humiliating dance while clad in gold lame shorts. Tina Fey: ‘SNL’ Monologue 2013 (Video) – WATCH NOW! Eddie Murphy- not really into black guys, but I gotta admit in his first years on the show he was handsome. It's Mardi Gras and it reminded me of the live SNL broadcast from Mardi Gras in NO.