They stop enabling the alcoholic - stop doing things like making excuses for him or her, calling in sick to work for him or her, and so on.Attending an alanon group can be a powerful experience for people who live with an alcoholic. It can be a liberating experience to share with a group of people who all deal with the same problem.

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At an alanon meeting, a member usually gives a short talk on one of the twelve steps and how it applies to his or her life.

This is usually a member who has been involved with the program for some time.

The material presented here is not Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature.

It is a method to exchange information, ideas, feelings, problems and solutions on a personal level."Real" Al-Anon Meeting Directory Hi there.

I am interested in dating now and find myself attracted to another Al-Anon member, a single dad with several years in the program. I would just keep it friendly and work my program and let the chips fall where it may ....u have been in for 2 years, him several right???

I am sure this is not the first time this has happened in the program but how does one navigate this? I'm attracted to him for many reasons, not the least of which is I appreciate that he's in the program and gets the work we each do on ourselves. seems to me he isn't ready yet to do anything but his program...i know for me, its been 12 years and i didn't want ANY thing to do w/anyone of op.

I'm a newbie to the board though almost two years in the program.

Seeking guidance/suggestions on how to handle a particular situation...

There are special groups for those who grew up in families where their parents were alcoholics.