A lot of questions have been asked about the sexual orientation of the award-winning music star as to whether he is gay or straight.

We can accurately confirm, taking his past relationships and the fact that he is married into consideration, that Adam Wade Gontier is definitely straight.

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It was my first time seeing a concert this small, so I was really impressed with how Gontier could make everyone in the room feel included. Gontier performed hits from Three Days Grace, his solo work and music from his new band, Saint Asonia.

He was joined by the former drummer of Finger Eleven, Rich Beddoe.

The opening act was a small group from Kitchener called Relic City.

I had never heard of this group prior to the show, but I mainly listen to mainstream rock.

A documentary in the form of drama detailing his addiction and life in rehab was produced in 2007.

Some of the songs he wrote include Gontier’s musical career has seen him feature and collaborate with several other musicians, rock bands and songwriters.

Their music lacked depth; however, they could always improve since they are young.

Lead singer Taylor Leith mentioned during the performance that “ ‘Animal I Have Become’ changed [his] life” and inspired him to listen to rock.

Full disclosure, I am a Three Days Grace fangirl, so needless to say I was upset when Adam Gontier, the lead singer of their group, had to leave the group for health reasons.

When I found he was performing at Maxwell’s in Waterloo I was beyond ecstatic.

All in all, his energy and ability to engage so many people at once was admirable. Adam Gontier is still fuelled with passion, which he will hopefully bring to Saint Asonia.