"Because it was meant to be added onto, like another piece you didn't have yet." Mom nodded.

accomodating nephew-38

But this addition needs users and since you're both going to university here in the city, it makes sense to give you first crack. "Could've been worse, she might've messaged me from phone." I said pointedly. Even my father stopped laughing and went silent before coughing into his hand. "You don't have to account to me about anything, you're the best parents a guy could ask for.

When you leave, your mom and I might take in some needy students or something." "My own private space? "It's almost like having my own house." Mom nodded. I could see her cheeks go pink as what I had said sunk in. You aren't amazing in spite of this thing, it's just part of who you are.

Just hand it over..." I chuckled and stood, allowing Alexa to sit up on the couch and unzip my pants, dropping them and exposing my cock.

And , I don't want to hear about how your penis passed through your mother's vagina once and therefore indirectly touched Jeanie's.

Until then, having a courtyard of our own is nothing to sneeze at." "We've also been considering buying the dorm apartments next door," dad added. If we own it, we can write it off in taxes because we'll continue to house students there.

If you or Alexa felt the need for your own space, you could move next door." "However," mom said, leaning against the island and drinking her coffee.

"I should have really enjoyed that date and that sex tonight. I guess it's a plus that she thinks I'm too smart and only wants to be fuck-buddies." Alexa giggled. I can't imagine trying to be in a serious relationship with her, even if she weren't fucking your parents." She screwed up her face and made a 'bleh' sound. I'm taking you downstairs." She lead me down to my room and put me on the bed, undressing quickly and crawling on top of me.

And I guess I did, speaking objectively, Heather's good at sex. Without a word between us, she lined her pussy up with my throbbing member and sank down onto it, taking me all the way in.

"I'm in love with you." She smiled and gently brushed her lips against mine, whispering it back. *** "So, your mother and I have just found out we're getting raises," dad announced as we all sat around the kitchen island, drinking coffee. " I said, genuinely thrilled for them while Alexa clasped her hands in delight and threw herself against her sister, giving her a hug.

"And you were doing pretty darn well already." Dad nodded.

We both groaned in relief as she sat still on top of me.